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Getting into the music industry is hard, in fact getting employment at all is hard, particularly for young people and even more so for young offenders. At In-Sync Radio we recognise this and we want to provide education, information, advice, support and guidance for ex-offenders aged 16 – 24 years old who are interested in developing a career in the music industry or to gain employment in any other sector.

Many of the youngsters we work with are misunderstood by family and lack a social support structure. With the lack of training and no access to meaningful and well paid jobs this can drive young people to crime. At In-Sync, we will help to provide them with a more meaningful life direction and life skills whilst with us and we passionately believe this course could help them to be more motivated to achieve their goals, forge better social relationships and make employment be seen as more achievable.

About In-Sync Radio

In-Sync is a credible music company releasing music and running an international radio station as well as having a digital music distribution arm and a DJ talent agency. In-Sync already has huge interest from young people and has a large and ever growing social media network attracting young people who want to be associated with us and our work.

In’-Sync is headed up by Leroy Johnson, who has already had a successful career as a radio DJ and in music production for some of the UK’s leading record labels.

After receiving a prison sentence in August 2012, Leroy found himself in a scenario where he had a lot to learn and there were a lot of young people that needed help around him.  Whilst at Brixton prison, he produced radio shows on its radio station (National Prison Radio) which broadcasts to prisons all over the country.

When he was working on the radio station he would talk to some of the younger guys on the wings and get them involved in the station learning production skills rather than sitting down and doing nothing all day. He believes things happen for a reason. 

What he saw and learnt in prison has driven him to provide support and a training ground for those young people who are unable to find the right training and work opportunities in the music business which is known to be a difficult industry.

More about Leroy:


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The In Sync Training Program

We are aiming to help motivate young people, to identify, enhance and improve skills by providing an introduction into a professional working environment. This will be achieved by integrating our learners with well-established experienced professionals in the music industry. The Insync Training course is a month long programme designed to give young people real hands-on experience of working in the music sector. In turn these skills they gain will prepare them for employment.

We would train learners using a variety of methods, including group discussion, team activities, role play and workbooks. The subject helps each learner to understand and be effective in:

  • Increasing confidence
  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Working as part of a team

  • Understanding personal identity

  • Making informed career progression choices

  • Understanding the job market as it relates to you

  • Presenting information (application forms, CVs, Cover letters).

  • Interview skills and first impressions.

  • Teamwork.

  • Planning there own personal development and learning.

  • Working towards goals

where will the money go?

With your support we will:

  • Buy computer equipment - to train our young adults to produce radio programs and learn employability skills

  • Buy studio equipment - such as mics, mixers, leads etc - so they can begin to produce radio shows,

  • Buy music programs - which these shows are created on.

  • Create and launch our marketing campaign to reach out to young adults

  • Lease and rent premises for 7-8 months,

  • Buy new office equipment

  • Pay for a website and servers

  • Book tutors/artists/staff to work on mentoring and employability job skills with our young adults

We will be providing updates to all backers on a monthly basis.

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