Save the Generation Rent campaign

A project by: Betsy Dillner


WE RAISED £17,982

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This project received pledges on Mon 31 Aug 2015

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Good luck and keep up the good work

I believe housing is a flashpoint. The current situation cannot continue and the present government is manifestly unfit to deal with it. The fact that so many MPs, especially members of the Conservative government, are landlords and that these people still vote on housing issues in parliament is nothing short of a disgrace. There is a full blown housing crisis in this country and it is down to organisations like Generation Rent to lead.

Best Wishes from San Francisco!

Hello, housing is indeed a big issue ! Working on this question since 2000, both as an operational and as a researcher, organisation like yours gives some ways to think and act and opens the debate. Of course, housing, if big, is however, not simple. A partnership with other European big cities could prove interesting as I showed it in my research in the Paris and London regions. Dr Bertrand de Foucauld Planning/housing Social innovation

I found making the donation a strange experience. The first attempt finished up with a payment of £1. The second attempt successful. I would prefer to pay through Paypal but I didn`t like the suggestion of allowing further withdrawals throughout the next year, at least that is how I read it. Earlier I made a donation to another organisation via Paypal without any hassle.

Hope this helps your important cause.

Keep up the great work guys. Your vision is one that can improve the lives of millions of people in the UK.

Good luck Gen Rent.

Great cause. Keep up the good fight Gen Rent x

Keep up the great work. A much needed campaign group. Who would have thought that in the 21st Century, with all the high tech, affluence etc., there are so many people at constant risk of loosing a roof from over their head. As a teacher, I always taught what humans need; one of the essential needs was shelter! It is on the curriculum.

Good luck from @colchestersoup

Keep up the fight, keep her lit!

Keep up the hard work!!!

My mother wanted to sponsor Generation Rent because they were the only organisation to offer me support, when I was bullied, intimidated and exploited by my ex rogue landlords. I sincerely hope they meet their funding needs in time.

I think it's really important that Generation Rent survives to keep pushing the plight of renters up the political agenda. A voice is needed!

Thank you for all that you do. This is extremely important to all renters who face immoral and unjust action (but mostly inaction) at the hands of private landlords or agents.

I'm pledging my support as I believe that the current situation for renters, and the housing market in general, is a clear example of the greed-based policies of Margaret Thatcher's heyday (i.e. 1985 Housing Act), and is so dreadfully unfair that organisations like Generation Rent cannot be allowed to fall.

If I can spare anymore I'll come back and donate. I hope more people will see the importance of your campaign and do the same!

Vital organisation that has through great campaigning pushed the needs of private renters right up the political agenda.

We are going back to the bad old days where landlords had too much power and people lived in substandard accomodation and feared complaining else they would be evicted. I was a kid in the sixties and lived that nightmare. We need Generation Rent more than ever.

That's FANTASTIC news and PHEW ! I HOPE for all our sakes that the 60,000 is reached...fingers crossed but thank goodness you can continue on a voluntry basis if not ? My Very Best Wishes and The Best Of Luck ! Anne-Marie

I've been closely following your campaigning over the last year or so (I didn't realise the organisation was so young) and you've certainly had a great impact. With the number of people renting increasing, it's important that this is recognised and that tenants have a strong voice. Good luck guys! :-)

It is important that private renters have a voice and Generation Rent does this well. Do support them, especially if you are a landlord.

Good luck raising the funds.

Good luck guys

We are heading towards a society of renters - it is essential that there is someone looking out for the rights of tenants!

I don't like being opted in to sponsor raft automatic payments but the rest of the website is good

Hope you reach your target, then on to the rest of the country. Private rents are too high everywhere

Good luck with this really important campaign - Here's hoping you make your minimum

I only had to think of the landlord who made me homeless just because he didn't like me....and then it was easy to donate. Good luck guys x

Really important issue: keep up the good work.